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Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Mon Aug 30 03:15:50 EDT 2004

Too bad you're not staying in DC another day.  I've got to miss DCC but 
I'll be in DC sometime the 13th, for the rest of the week.


Darryl Smith wrote:
> People
> I will be away from home from Sunday 5th September until Monday 27th
> September. Much of this trip is Ham related. I will have a HT with me, and
> also my cellphone and Laptop. So if you need my for any reason give me a
> yell. 
> I may be on APRS thanks to Andrew Rich - we will have to see. And my car may
> be seen driving around Sydney - This will be a figment of someone's deranged
> imagination :-)
> UI-View Oceania registrations should still be available through
> uiview at aprs.net.au although there may be times when the response time is a
> bit slower depending on how much I am able to do remotely. Richard Hoskin
> also processes registrations so between us things should still work well. 
> [So long as hotels actually allow their broadband to be used for things
> other than email and web browsing]. 
> My itinery is as follows.
> 05-Sep Sunday 	Fly to Auckland and stay the night with a Non-Ham Friend
> 06-Sep Monday	Fly to LAX. Arrive about 7AM on Monday Morning 
> 			(before I leave). I plan to meet up with some
> friends
> 			In LA, but would love to meet up with any locals. I
> will
> 			Be staying at LAX
> 08-Sep Wednesday	Fly to Des Moines for the TAPR/ARRL Digital
> Communications 
> 			Conference. Thursday will be a board meeting, Friday
> and 
> 			Saturday will be conference. Sunday is a lecture.
> This 
> 			Will be REALLY cool. I am presenting two or three
> talks
> 			At the conference
> 12-Sep Sunday	Fly to Dulles, Washington DC, so that I can visit the new
> 			Air and Space Museum on the Monday. I might also
> visit an 
> 			Equipment supplier.
> 13-Sep Monday	Fly to London in the afternoon.
> 14-Sep Tuesday	Arrive in London. Staying in Russell Square. I would love 
> 			To meet up with any London Hams. I am here mostly
> for
> 			Museums. I plan to visit Ken and the others
> supporting 
> 			UI-View up in Lincolnshire, maybe on the Saturday -
> going
> 			Up there by train.
> 19-Sep Sunday	Fly to Rome. Arrive Midday. I will be in Rome for work, 
> 			But would love to meet some hams in the land of
> Marconi. 
> 24-Sep Friday	Early morning flight to London, and then to Singapore. 
> 			The stop is designed just to break up my trip.
> Arrive
> 			Singapore Saturday morning.
> 26-Sep Sunday	Fly Home to Sydney. Arrive back on 27th at 5:15AM
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