[aprssig] UI-DIGI settings

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Aug 30 12:47:53 EDT 2004

Concerning UI-DIGI settings.

My experience and WEB pages are based on KPC-3+
and so I need to confirm the equivalent settings for
a UI-DIGI with regard to improving the APRS channel:

I believe:
***  UI FLOOD ALGORITHM should be 0 not 1.  
      This disables the forced obliteration of prior
       path data at each digi... (equivalent to NOID)

*** DIGI beacon rates.  Only 3 are available instead
of the four in the KPC-3+.  So to get a LOCAL 10
minute rate and a 2 hop 30 minute rate I think it
should be:

  PATH 1 = (direct)
  PATH 2 = (direct)
  PATH 3 = WIDE2-2

  RATE 1 = 30 min
  RATE 2 = 30 min
  RATE 3 = 30 min

  OFFSET1 = 0
  OFFSET2 = 10
  OFFSET3 = 20

And all three BEACON TEXTS must be identical.
Otherwise APRS software sees each different one
as a CHANGED position and this fills up peoples
LOG files...

THe above system will generate one packet
locally every 10 minutes and one 3 hop packet
once every 30 minutes.  which is about right.

Did I get this right?
Bob, Wb4APR

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