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Darryl Smith Darryl at radio-active.net.au
Mon Aug 30 02:25:20 EDT 2004


I will be away from home from Sunday 5th September until Monday 27th
September. Much of this trip is Ham related. I will have a HT with me, and
also my cellphone and Laptop. So if you need my for any reason give me a

I may be on APRS thanks to Andrew Rich - we will have to see. And my car may
be seen driving around Sydney - This will be a figment of someone's deranged
imagination :-)

UI-View Oceania registrations should still be available through
uiview at aprs.net.au although there may be times when the response time is a
bit slower depending on how much I am able to do remotely. Richard Hoskin
also processes registrations so between us things should still work well. 

[So long as hotels actually allow their broadband to be used for things
other than email and web browsing]. 

My itinery is as follows.

05-Sep Sunday 	Fly to Auckland and stay the night with a Non-Ham Friend
06-Sep Monday	Fly to LAX. Arrive about 7AM on Monday Morning 
			(before I leave). I plan to meet up with some
			In LA, but would love to meet up with any locals. I
			Be staying at LAX
08-Sep Wednesday	Fly to Des Moines for the TAPR/ARRL Digital
			Conference. Thursday will be a board meeting, Friday
			Saturday will be conference. Sunday is a lecture.
			Will be REALLY cool. I am presenting two or three
			At the conference
12-Sep Sunday	Fly to Dulles, Washington DC, so that I can visit the new
			Air and Space Museum on the Monday. I might also
visit an 
			Equipment supplier.
13-Sep Monday	Fly to London in the afternoon.
14-Sep Tuesday	Arrive in London. Staying in Russell Square. I would love 
			To meet up with any London Hams. I am here mostly
			Museums. I plan to visit Ken and the others
			UI-View up in Lincolnshire, maybe on the Saturday -
			Up there by train.
19-Sep Sunday	Fly to Rome. Arrive Midday. I will be in Rome for work, 
			But would love to meet some hams in the land of
24-Sep Friday	Early morning flight to London, and then to Singapore. 
			The stop is designed just to break up my trip.
			Singapore Saturday morning.
26-Sep Sunday	Fly Home to Sydney. Arrive back on 27th at 5:15AM


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