[aprssig] RE: 1 Serial GPS Feeding 2 Applications ?

Rich Garcia k4gps at arrl.net
Thu Aug 5 21:00:14 EDT 2004

Thanks Ken... got it set up this evening and seems to work just fine. Thanks
for the link to the emulator and thanks to everyone else reminding me that
UI-View32 has it built in! There are just so many features I keep learning
every day of more and more. For someone who only uses is 1-2 times a year on
long trips I forget much of what it can do, I use UI-View every day at home
as a Igate but that is so stable on an old Compaq server that 2 months can
go by and I will not even turn on the monitor!


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In article <NHENJBPNILPOHFJBPEDMCEJKCFAA.k4gps at arrl.net>, Rich Garcia
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>I am sure there is something out there. Can anyone point me in the
>right direction as to a freeware program to feed 1 GPS to 2 programs. I
>seem to remember someone mentioning Virtual Com Ports.

A good serial port emulator can be obtained here:-


Install the emulator software and it will give you the necessary virtual
COM ports.

In the UI-View32 Setup menu select GPS setup and enable the GPS Output
to send the GPS data to one of the virtual COM ports. It will then be
available for the other program. See the UI-View32 Help for more
detailed information.

Ken Collins - G4FIP
E-mail:- g4fip at tiscali.co.uk

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