[aprssig] Re: 15. noise cancelling headset? (Wes Johnston)

Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 4 21:35:44 EDT 2004

  Headsets designed for high noise environments such as race tracks can be
wired for many hts.  There are at least three big companies that sell units
made by Koss and David Clark to name a few and Motorola makes a version of
them as well .  They have double ear muffs and a boom mic that is fully
adjustable and can pivot or swing in many directions.   They can provide
25db noise reduction and still allow you to hear radio traffic.


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  > Wes:
  > something I did recently with a ham/airplane event was
  > ground-to-air comms on ham UHF (pilot with earbud
  > under muffs)
  > and
  > air-to-ground on ~120 MHz AM aviation band.  Many ham
  > rigs will monitor the air band.   There are a couple
  > freq's in the aviation band legit and allocated for
  > air-to-ground comms.
  > Before we thought of this, we were wondering how to
  > implement a noise cancelling mic for the pilot's ham
  > HT.   Worked great.
  > - KMC ac0ak Denver
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