[aprssig] Re: 15. noise cancelling headset? (Wes Johnston)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 4 17:04:31 EDT 2004

Great idea.  I never thought of that.  Thanks! Bob
well, what the heck.  What freq in 120 MHz do you recommend?

>>> kmcaviezel at yahoo.com 8/4/04 3:20:20 PM >>>
something I did recently with a ham/airplane event was
ground-to-air comms on ham UHF (pilot with earbud
under muffs)  
air-to-ground on ~120 MHz AM aviation band.  Many ham
rigs will monitor the air band.   There are a couple
freq's in the aviation band legit and allocated for
air-to-ground comms.  
Before we thought of this, we were wondering how to
implement a noise cancelling mic for the pilot's ham
HT.   Worked great. 

- KMC ac0ak Denver  

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