[aprssig] Motorola radios for Satgates.

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Sun Aug 1 10:58:51 EDT 2004

Incorrect de-emphasis? If possible, connect at the discriminator or before 
the de-emph network and build your own to "tune" to the application..???

At 08:48 08/01/2004 -0600, you wrote:
 >I've been looking at replacing the radios I use in my Satgate (VE5BNC-3).  I
 >currently use Motorola MX-350's (handhelds) and Motorola MCX-100's (mobiles)
 >in for my terrestrial radios and digipeaters.  I've found they're as
 >sensitive as anything else I've ever used.  My problem is that neither of
 >these radios work for my Satgate.  I can hear the packet through the speaker
 >but they rarely get decoded.  Does anyone have any ideas (or wild
 >speculation) why?  My favourite theories include:
 >- The Doppler shift is too great for the IF in these radios.
 >- Something in the AGC that messes up the signal when the squelch breaks.
 >- Something else going on when squelch breaks.
 >  (No, my TNC's aren't set up to run with open squelch, so we don't need to
 >go down that road right now).
 >Any other ideas would be welcome.
 >73, Bruce - VE5BNC
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