[aprssig] Motorola radios for Satgates.

Bruce & Leigh Coates Bruce.Coates at Sasktel.Net
Sun Aug 1 10:48:47 EDT 2004


I've been looking at replacing the radios I use in my Satgate (VE5BNC-3).  I
currently use Motorola MX-350's (handhelds) and Motorola MCX-100's (mobiles)
in for my terrestrial radios and digipeaters.  I've found they're as
sensitive as anything else I've ever used.  My problem is that neither of
these radios work for my Satgate.  I can hear the packet through the speaker
but they rarely get decoded.  Does anyone have any ideas (or wild
speculation) why?  My favourite theories include:

- The Doppler shift is too great for the IF in these radios.
- Something in the AGC that messes up the signal when the squelch breaks.
- Something else going on when squelch breaks.
  (No, my TNC's aren't set up to run with open squelch, so we don't need to
go down that road right now).

Any other ideas would be welcome.

73, Bruce - VE5BNC

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