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Bob Stricklin bstrick at N5BRG.COM
Thu Jun 8 09:57:28 EDT 2023

The solar Eclipse dates are

Oct 14   2023 4 months out
Apr   8   2024 10 months out

To expect to collect data on these events will require using existing hardware and nearly existing software.

Some time will be needed to define the collection method, train the data collectors, and test the system.

If an RX888 is to be used it can take 2 weeks to a month to get one of these from China.

Regarding the comment that the convolution method testing of receiving multiple WWV stations and seeing a difference in timing….

In addition to atmospheric influenced propogation differences the difference in timing observed may be found to be due to the data processing and timing of the systems which need more study to be understood. Also relativity should be considered.

The NIST folks have put a lot of effort into making their systems accurate. Best to assume they are accurate.

Regarding studying phase differences at various frequencies….
Phase differences can be studied without having accurate timing marks with a system which is based on streaming the full HF spectrum. More important to have the timing if smaller bandwidths are used.

Timing data…

It would be possible to use a IRIG timecode stream which will support a 1 MHz sine wave with AM modulated data and obtain better than 10 us accuracy. This signal can be injected into the RF stream at 1 MHz or mixed up to some other frequency and level adjusted to match signals of interest. See wikipedia for more details on IRIG and this paper on IRIG Accuracy https://ntrs.nasa.gov/api/citations/20190028909/downloads/20190028909.pdf.

System performance….

Working with a smaller bandwidth may be a better approach. Smaller bandwidth would reduce the burden on the data streaming requirements. Another issue will be defining an antenna which will support the expected bandwidth. Using smaller bandwidth segments will help with this issue.

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