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Bob Stricklin bstrick at N5BRG.COM
Wed Sep 7 10:25:55 EDT 2022


I believe what you need is something like this….

find /data/vlf_32k -type f -mtime +50 > myfiles

Ouputs to a file called myfiles.


Next, we need to encode those files to flac to the archive directory:

set inputFile [open "myfiles" "r"]

while {![eof $inputFile]} {
        set length [gets $inputFile oneLine]
        vtflac -e /data/$oneLine > /mnt/archive/$inputFile.fx
close inputFile

set inputFile [open "myfiles" "r"]

Finally, delete the original files:

while {![eof $inputFile]} {
        set length [gets $inputFile oneLine]
        rm $inputFile
close inputFile
rm myfiles

I have written a few scripts and refer to a book on TCL or “Tickel Language”:
TCL/TK A Developers Guide by Cliffords Flynt.

If this does not work for you I have written some C code that collects a list of FITs filenames from a directory and opens them them check the byte count looking for missing pixels.
I would be willing to share this code with you. Then you could use it an an example to do your job in c and call this program from the crontab.


PS I have downloaded the vlfrx-tools and installed it on the pi. I will be testing with this code and see what I can find. Thanks for you input and the graphs. It looks like your signals are clean so my main issue may be noise.

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