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Sat Apr 30 12:00:12 EDT 2022

Hi Bob,

These whistlers were captured before the ground wire was removed, but during a period of low mains harmonics levels. Mains harmonics would vary in amplitude quite a bit, burying the spectrogram in noise one day and low enough another day where it is possible to detect natural radio signals. 

Their source was the residence, including all the wiring and loads inside. Pulling up the ground wire made a big difference, but now, the GPS receiver isn’t outputting PPS or communicating over serial, so I have to investigate that. 


> On Apr 30, 2022, at 9:39 AM, Robert McGwier <rwmcgwier at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ahhh  I was going to ask if the ground loop/AC hum had been worked on.  The whistlers are audible and we would be able to agc them to loud if we could eliminate the equipment made hum. This will increase the usable dynamic range in the audio output. 
> Nice stuff.  Easily seen in the spectrograms.
>> On Sat, Apr 30, 2022 at 4:43 AM Dr. Nathaniel A. Frissell Ph.D. <nathaniel.frissell at scranton.edu> wrote:
>> Hey, Jonathan! This is really great! Thank you!
>> I was on a journal club telecon with people from the NASA MSFC yesterday re-capping the HamSCI workshop, and your work came up quite a bit. They really liked it!
>> I'm looking forward to the results now that we have the grounding noise issue resolved.
>> 73 Nathaniel W2NAF
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>> One of the allure of whistlers is actually listening to them! Attached are movies I've made of the spectrograms and the event audio.
>> Jonathan
>> On 4/29/22, Jonathan <emuman100 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > On April 19, Nathaniel and I were treated to some beautiful whistlers 
>> > here in Northeast PA! The event detector detected 4 weak whistlers 
>> > that were also detected at a VLF receiver in Virginia as well, so they 
>> > had a large footprint. They also have a large dispersion measure too. 
>> > Here are the
>> > spectrograms:
>> >
>> > As you can see, they were definitely weak, but delectable. The event 
>> > detector used Hough transform that looks for a the characteristic 
>> > whistler curve.
>> >
>> > Speaking of whistlers with large footprints, here is a whistler with a 
>> > footprint of over 900km received in Northeast PA, Virginia, and South 
>> > Carolina! It has a dispersion measure of 69:
>> >
>> > Jonathan
>> > KC3EEY
>> >
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