[TangerineSDR] Data Formats

Bob Stricklin bstrick at N5BRG.COM
Tue Jan 12 21:16:13 EST 2021

I am interested in this group and have followed the progress as time permits. I am retired now but worked with optical and magnetic sensors for many years.

I reviewed the most recent Team Speak and the discussion included how you are formatting and collecting date.

Many years ago I was on the IEEE 1451.1 committee which is a standard defining smart sensors. This standard defines methods and data structure for all types of sensors. One of the ideas was for a manufacture to build-in a technical Data Sheet (TEDs) of information in his sensor. This might include a calibration table(s) to improve accuracy. If the standard is followed then you can connect to a network of sensors and determine everything about all the sensors and obtain the most accurate data.

You can find sensors which follow the IEEE1451 format in the market place and software that works with it. examples;



The 1451 sensors available may not fit the needs of this project or be too expensive. It would be possible to follow this format in the code on the board and take advantage of the work that has already been done. May also expand the community of people that will be interested in the project.

Hopefully this has not already been discussed.  I realize the train may have left the station in the code already written but I want to mention the idea. There is a series of IEEE1451 documents now and each standard cost about $160 to purchase. Some of you may have access to them through you work though. There is one dealing with IOT which may be most interesting. 

Bob  N5BRG

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