[TangerineSDR] [HamSCI] Merry Christmas! SAQ Grimeton Christmas Eve Transmission

Jonathan emuman100 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 10:43:24 EST 2021


Thanks for the background and history! I watched this year’s recording of the live stream and really enjoyed it! Based on LWPC modeling, the carrier power was 3.1kW! LWCA’s The Lowdown is a great read! I’ll have to subscribe.


I really enjoyed that radio program! He was speaking about auroral/dawn chorus as they are ducted, whistler-mode emissions. It was really cool to hear a conversation like that in the main stream.


I do believe LWPC (Long Wave Propagation Capability) modeling software takes into account terrain in making its predictions. My guess is that  the mountainous terrain would only effect the ground wave, but minimally. According to the reception reports so far, SAQ was increasingly harder to copy the more west you went, and I believe the ground wave component was more prominent. 


> On Dec 24, 2021, at 3:07 PM, John Magliacane <kd2bd at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Jonathan,
> I have made several attempts to copy SAQ in the past from New Jersey over the years, but the best I could do was see a weak trace buried under the noise using "baudline" spectrum analysis software. Still, this was enough to earn several QSL cards. :-)
> I used baudline on your recording and could see a trace of SAQ at around 492 Hz, in between a lot of powerline harmonics spaced every 120 Hz.
> Based on that success, I performed some additional bandpass filtering using the "play" feature of SoX, and I could clearly hear CW about 2 minutes into the recording! (VVV DE SAQ). I used a 20 Hz bandpass filter centered on 493 Hz (play -v 20 SAQ122421.mp3 bandpass 493 20).
> You did it! Congratulations!
> 73 de John, KD2BD

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