[TangerineSDR] HamSCI Bi-Weekly Telecon Today

Dr. Nathaniel A. Frissell Ph.D. nathaniel.frissell at scranton.edu
Thu Oct 1 16:55:25 EDT 2020

Hi everyone,

Here is the link to today’s recording: https://scranton.zoom.us/rec/share/SCn5Kcl9EeR7HUGyLl0FxmSRqO0HLo_dKoyE7wJYbCld1k1HO2DZ1aZwEbU6_Umr.95jfta6DhLp5RisT

As always, the links are archived here: https://hamsci.org/hamsci-telecon-recording-archives

73 de Nathaniel W2NAF

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Sent: Thursday, October 1, 2020 8:33 AM
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Subject: HamSCI Bi-Weekly Telecon Today

Hi HamSCI,

Just a friendly reminder that we have our bi-weekly HamSCI Zoom today (October 1, 2020 at 1900z / 3 PM Eastern).

We have 2 speakers this week:

  1.  Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA, will be giving a presentation on ionospheric HF Raytracing.
  2.  Veronica Romanek, KD2UHN, will be presenting her work on an investigation into the 4000-5000 km range gap frequently observed in WSPR and RBN observation.

Veronica has class until about 3:15 PM, so she will give her talk second.

Here is the link: https://scranton.zoom.us/j/286316405?pwd=QWdwMlFPbDlYeXg5ZDg1dmYzeFdCUT09
If you are asked for a password, it is “hamsci”.

Thanks and 73 de Nathaniel W2NAF

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