[TangerineSDR] Ferrous Metal connectors on Mag boards and SBCs

Julius Madey hillfox at fairpoint.net
Sat May 30 11:30:53 EDT 2020

I hadn't either until I saw the note from Phil.  I've been using your 
original small adapter board with the Quicc connectors so haven't run 
into the issue yet.

Two shielded RJ45 PC through hole jacks in my parts drawer, made by 
BERG, have non ferrous shields.  Couldn't find the BERG part on line but 
DigiKey carries several candidates.  One is AMP 5558342-1, the data 
sheet for which shows phosphor bronze as the shield material.  Since the 
shields on the RJ jacks of the three SBC's I have are all non-ferrous, 
it may be that for RJ45's, non-ferrous construction is the usual.

With regard to the shielded RJ plugs on the extension cable, since the 
current recommendation seems to be to only tie the shield to ground at 
the 'local' end, it's possible to remove the shield on the plug at the 
remote end; just did that with one of mine.


On 5/30/2020 10:34 AM, David Witten wrote:
> Jules,
> This is something I had not thought about.
> It does appear that Belden does sell a line of Cat 5+ connectors that 
> have little or no metal in them beyond the contacts:
> REVConnect® Connectivity System 
> <https://www.belden.com/products/enterprise/copper/connectors/cat-6a-jacks>, 
> but these appear to be components of a building wiring system, not 
> board mountable jacks.  Further research is required.
> Dave

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