[TangerineSDR] Git updates for Magnetometer software.

Julius Madey hillfox at fairpoint.net
Wed May 20 17:56:15 EDT 2020

-downloaded and compiled
-thanks for the 3 decimal points
-with read magnetometer only option, the temp field still appears but 
with 0 value
-what is supposed to change with selection of extender?
-since you are using polling for measurement, I'm not sure why the CMM 
and TMRC registers are being set ... default for TMRC is 96 but default 
for CMM is 0 ?

Jules - K2KGJ

On 5/20/2020 12:53 PM, David Witten wrote:
> All 'magnetometerists':
> I am actively updating the software on Github ( 
> https://github.com/wittend/rm3100-runMag ). I appreciate all of the 
> input I am getting.  Both Julius Madey and Dave Larsen have been 
> especially helpful. Check for updates often (if you have cloned the 
> repository, just use git pull from your projects base folder).
> The time is coming where I am going to have to ask folks to submit bug 
> fix / feature requests using the 'Issues Tracking' feature on the 
> repository ( https://github.com/wittend/rm3100-runMag/issues ) so that 
> I can avoid losing them in my email and prioritise them rationally.
> My latest commit updates the presentation of the output somewhat.  
> Important changes include more understandable messages regarding 
> missing sensors, presenting some of the values with more decimal 
> places, and more useful presentation of values entered on the command 
> line using the -P option.
> Other work continues on several fronts.  Most important (to me) at the 
> moment is synchronizing the Cycle Count (CC) values with the Gain used 
> for computing output.  Also important is constraining the CC input to 
> values that the sensor will accept.  Some other value inputs need to 
> be sanity checked.
> Please test this and give me your input and frustrations. Now is a 
> good time for me to work on this.
> Dave Witten, KD0EAG

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