[TangerineSDR] Magnetometer Software

David Witten wittend at wwrinc.com
Tue May 19 11:00:49 EDT 2020


Thanks a lot for testing this out.  Your input has been extremely helpful.

I tried changing the cycle count to 400, but the gain correction didn't
> change to follow that. I can use the raw data and apply the correct gain
> value, however the processed values are only accurate at the default cycle
> count of 200.
> Only other features I can think of at this point are:
> (1) perhaps limiting cycle count choices to 200, 300, 400  with
> appropriate gain correction for each

This is at the top of my list to fix. I have code to sanity check the input
for this setting - limit option to allowed values - but I haven't set it up.

> (2) displaying 2 decimal points of resolution on the processed values
> which provides 10's of nanoTeslas resolution ... more or less on the order
> of the hoped for resolution of this magnetometer

Easily done, I'll see to it.

> (3) setting the NOS register for 'on board' averaging

I just didn't understand the wording in some of the documentation around
this.  You are probably right.

I'm also considering a couple of other things:

   1. Allow settings to be saved to a config file that is read on startup.
   2. A Read / Execute / Print / Loop  (REPL) mode for more interactive
   testing.  - this may be overkill.
   3. documentation (haha)

Dave, KD0EAG
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