[TangerineSDR] Notes from PSWS / TangerineSDR call of 04-27-2020

Tom McDermott tom.n5eg at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 22:06:06 EDT 2020

Notes from PSWS / TangerineSDR call of 04-27-2020

1. Discussion of bundling / interfacing FLDIGI into the TangerineSDR
software. Tangerine produces IQ data, while FLDIGI may need WAV data (does
it accept other formats?). Having the ability to use the various FLDIGI
capabilities would be nice to have.  There would be a need to reject the
positive or negative frequency spectra to convert from complex to real,
multiple approaches are available.

2. Discussion of a lightning detector for the magnetometer board. Does it
need an I2C interrupt?  Scotty mentioned that he may want to abandon the
PMOD connector and turn the magnetometer board into a Raspberry-PI HAT.
Dave discussed some potential issues with the I2C interface on this
particular part, he is still trying to find some details on the issue.
Another question: what is the science need for lightning detection in terms
of range and sensitivity? Gerry Creager might be a good person to ask about
the science requirement.

-- Tom, N5EG
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