[TangerineSDR] Regarding magnetometer support board prototypes

John Gibbons jcg66 at case.edu
Sat Apr 18 15:01:41 EDT 2020

David KD0EAG,

Just saw this - I'm capable of soldering these PCB's (as long as there are
no Ball Grid chips).

Let me know.

John N8OBJ

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> I have already sent messages to David McGraw and John Gibbons offering to
> send Simple Magnetometer Support Boards (SMSB's) immediately if they wish.
> I do have a few of the full Magnetometer Support Boards with Extension
> (MSBx's)  unpopulated PCBs but they would take time to stuff and test.
> They are built in pairs, and contain more and more aggravating parts to
> solder.  The final layout of these boards remains significantly in flux,
> and out of my hands.
> Depending on the situation, I find the SMSBs much easier to work with for
> testing code, etc.  They are cheap, easy to populate, essentially
> disposable, and seem to work well.  They just do not test the lowest noise
> levels we hope to achieve.  To my knowledge, the significance of this
> difference has yet to be established.
> I'm happy to work with anyone within my personal limitations, and am eager
> to see as many of these devices in test as possible.
> Dave Witten, KD0EAG
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>> Subject: Re: [TangerineSDR] Magnetometer Status 2020-02-13
>> Thank you, David. We will do that.
>> Dave Witten, Scotty, and Hyomin, I think we should make sure Dave McGaw
>> gets access to some of these to test, especially since he has access to
>> testing facilities and significant experience in this area.
>> 73 de Nathaniel W2NAF
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