[TangerineSDR] IGRF Python Package

Rob Wiesler robert.wiesler at case.edu
Thu Apr 2 21:45:18 EDT 2020

On Thu, Apr 02, 2020 at 13:59:57 +0000, Stephen Roland Kaeppler wrote:
> As an update, I am going to need to look for where the code is
> located.  A couple of other subtle but important points:
> 1. There is some C-code associated with this which needs to be
>    compiled, I believe.  I did this for speed.
> 2. I seem to recall that sometimes the code would seg-fault.  I know
>    this is a problem, but I never really tracked down what the issue
>    was.

I can help take a look at this.

> 3. Important - the code is written to output magnetic field in Br,
>    Btheta,Bphi.  So if we need to rotate that into a different
>    coordinate system, let me know...
> Finally, I can git init a repo and then make commits to that local
> repo.  The question at that point is what you guys want me to do with
> it?  Do you want me to send you an archive copy or put it up on my
> github?  Let me know what you all want...

Just stick it on Github for now.  Then when the time comes to stick it
somewhere else, we won't have to bother you to push it.

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