[TangerineSDR] Magnetometer current state

David Witten wittend at wwrinc.com
Mon Oct 21 17:03:09 EDT 2019


My current work with the magnetometer module has reached this state:

   - I am reliably able to collect data from the magnetometer module for
   extended periods of time using C.
   - I still have not validated the conversion of the raw X, Y, and Z
   values to meaningful units such as nano Tesla.  They react somewhat
   rationally to my manipulation of the device, so I have been working on
   other concerns.
   - Python would probably work as well, but I am less comfortable with bit
   twiddling in script languages than in good, old C, so I have left that for
   - I am able to pipe the output to a processor daemon that is in Go
   called websocketd that serves a user (local or remote)  a webpage and opens
   a websocket connection.
   - I then have been able to pass JSON-wrapped data packets to a browser
   running locally on the Odroid N2 and two seperate remote clients, all
   simultaneously for 48 hours without interruption.
   - The webpage (served by the Go daemon presents the data in any way
   desired using standard HTML5/JS/CSS.

I am having less success so far using the I2C extenders, but I am confident
this is mostly me blundering among amongst the options.  This work

Dave Witten, KD0EAG
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