[TangerineSDR] Updated Functional Specification for Local Host

Engelke, Bill bill.engelke at ua.edu
Fri Oct 4 14:52:05 EDT 2019

Version 1.0 of the TangerineSDR Local Host (that is, the SBC inside the TangerineSDR) is attached. Change tracking is on so you can see what was changed in the last revision.

Thanks to all who reviewed and commented on the spec, notably Nathaniel & Scotty. As always, the spec is a living document, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you discover something else to fix. I am now starting into an update of the Central Control System Functional Spec, which I will endeavor to get out for your review & comment by next Friday.

Dave, please post this in the Documents section of TangerineSDR.com .

-73 - Bill, AB4EJ
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