[TangerineSDR] Updated Detailed Design Specification for PSWS Local Host (v0.1)

Rob Wiesler robert.wiesler at case.edu
Mon Nov 18 16:27:36 EST 2019

On Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 16:52:34 +0000, Engelke, Bill wrote:
> - We need another session or two, to discuss the time stamp.  Here's
>   where 128 bits came from - it depends on how much precision you want
>   to have in the time stamp (assuming that it has to be finer than one
>   second), and also that you don't want to deal with a rollover sooner
>   than centuries from now. Also there was a point that if 64 bits was
>   not sufficient for those considerations, 128 bits would work better
>   that 96 bits with the common processors of today. There are many
>   angles to this discussion, including those, plus what actually gets
>   saved in Digital RF metadata. Once this year's choral season is over
>   and I can start attending the Monday night telcos, we can hash this
>   out better.

Okay.  Again, I don't see anything particularly wrong with a 128-bit
timestamp, even from a disk usage perspective.

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