[TangerineSDR] Receiver Requirments updated and uploaded to tangerinesdr.com

Tom McDermott tom.n5eg at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 18:35:13 EDT 2019

The receiver requirements document has been modified as a result of the
scientist review, replies, and
last night's teamspeak discussion.  It's on TangerineSDR.com in the
documents section.


The Sensitivity paragraph was recast to Noise Figure only with requriemetns
and objectives with
examples of anticipated noise measurements against cosmic background noise
level at 30 MHz. for
requirement and objective levels.

The noise source selector function is discussed in terms of switching speed
and endurance. Right now
faster and more endurant switching (than a relay) appears to be difficult
and expensive due for
example to PIN diode problems resulting in intermod generation at low
frequencies (AM Broadcast band).
      If anyone has expertise here and can advise it would be much

The cost objective was re-stated as the cost for the sum of Data Engine +

Other more minor changes as noted in the replies to Nathaniel's document.

-- Tom, N5EG
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