[TangerineSDR] TangerineSDR document formatting

Scotty Cowling scotty at tonks.com
Thu Aug 1 18:35:02 EDT 2019

Hi Mike,

I think the name you are using is fine. It distinguishes us from the 
openHPSDR Teamspeak files.

If you wanted to be more specific, you could use TSDR-TS-year-mo-day.mp3

Not sure that it would be worth it to go back and change the names of 
the ten files that are already there.

It is up to you. We just appreciate having them available!!!! Thanks!

Scotty WA2DFI

On 2019-08-01 12:58, aa8k wrote:
> Is there a more desirable naming format for our TeamSpeak recording 
> file names?
> Mike - AA8K
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> Hi all,
> At the risk of being too OCD, I would like to at least try to make our
> documents have a consistent look/feel.
> I have attached two example documents, one for TangerineSDR and one for
> HamSCI. The formatting was mostly from Bill's Local Host FS, with some
> added info from Tom's Clock ICD.
> Please use the cover sheet appropriate for your document (TangerineSDR
> or HamSCI), followed by the Version history page and the Table of
> contents  and list of figures page(s).
> Place no headers or footers on these pages; start them on the first page
> of the document.
> TangerineSDR headers should contain "Tucson Amateur Packet Radio" on the
> left, and "TangerineSDR XXX", where XXX is the module name that the
> document applies to.
> TangerineSDR footer should contain "DOC TYPE - TangerineSDR MODULE NAME
> Vx.y" as shown in the example.
> HamSCI headers should contain "HamSCI" on the left, and "PSWS XXX",
> where XXX is the module name that the document applies to.
> HamSCI footer should contain "DOC TYPE - PSWS MODULE NAME Vx.y" as shown
> in the example.
> Headers, footers and paragraph text should be Arial 12 point or
> equivalent non-serif font.
> Sections should be numbered.
> These are just suggestions to make our documents look consistent. The
> content is what is important, so get as close as you can. :-)
> 73,
> Scotty WA2DFI

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