[nos-bbs] tcp access (disabled by mistake) in official release

Maiko Langelaar (Personal) maiko at pcsinternet.ca
Fri May 12 16:18:18 EDT 2023

Good afternoon,

In my efforts to get IPV6 incorporated into JNOS, I have inadvertantly
commented out the 'tcp access' functionality for regular ipv4 systems,
since there is no such thing (yet) for the ipv6 side.

   (for ipv6 I have been sticking to firewall rules on linux side)

Even worse, it looks like it has been this way since early February, and
it's actually in the latest official release, which is not good at all.

Fixed, but IF you are expecting 'tcp access' to work, better double
check that it actually is, my profuse apologies for this oversight. It
explains all the smtp, pop, and other intrusions from the wild wild
internet side that I see in my logs the past while, and here I thought
I had simply broke something, nope - it was commented out.

Fixed in the development REPO :

   rsync  -av  www.langelaar.net::development  .

The file affected are tcpin.c and tcpcmd.c
   (technically just tcpin.c, but I added a counter for tcp status)


Maiko / VE4KLM

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