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Jay jjn at nuge.com
Sat Dec 30 11:56:16 EST 2023

    Here in Michigan when we set up out JNOS network we decided that there 
was no need for Heirarchical email because it was just such a pain in the 
ass to configure and support.   So we opted for SMTP email only.  For thos 
portions of the network that were NetROM only, we configured "IP over NR" 
links so they would pass IP.

    But in hmail (if very old crusy memory can recall) you had to set PBBS 
node accounts in the FTPUSERS file to have a "value" that defined them as 
being a PBBS and *not* an end user.  That way a connection knew that it 
was not talking to a human but to a machine, for the purpose of moving 
Email.   So the prompts were short/different and the handshack to move 
mail was more machine-like and not text commands for a human.

    See Ian Wades book for more details....

       --- Jay  WB8TKL

On Sat, 30 Dec 2023, Christopher Maness wrote:

> There is a flag in FBB that specifically says PBBS, and also in BPQ32 (which 
> I believe is derivative of FBB).  The problem with a
> regular user on JNOS is it does not recognize forwarding commands.  I think 
> that would be the way to go, just
> provide access to those commands.
> -Chris KQ6UP
> On 12/30/2023 8:28 AM, Maiko (Personal) wrote:
>> Yeah, I know, that's a pain actually, it's bitten me a few times as well. 
>> I'm sure there is a better way to do this, sigh ... If anyone
>> wants to throw some ideas out on this, or tell me how other systems
>> are doing this, I'm all ears.
>> Having said that, it might be a simple matter of me not enforcing the
>> BBS bit in the user profile, that 'era' of change kinda eludes me :(
>> Maiko / VE4KLM
>> On 2023-12-30 10:24 a.m., Christopher Maness wrote:
>>> Is there such thing as a PBBS user in JNOS?  That is a user that is a BBS 
>>> and also gets a user prompt
>>> at login.  That is a handy feature in some other BBS flavors, not sure if 
>>> I missed something in the manual
>>> for JNOS.
>>> -73 de Chris KQ6UP
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