[nos-bbs] do NOT use MIME code IF !!!

maiko at pcsinternet.ca maiko at pcsinternet.ca
Fri Apr 22 20:58:23 EDT 2022

I am an idiot !

Only use this code if you have an end point JNOS system, and
you are NOT forwarding mailboxes to anyone else, and you have
no desire to use a external mail client !!!!

Do NOT use this on a production system, here is why :

The way my thought process works is that sometimes I am blinded
by a concept, so much that in the process of working on things,
and refining them, I tend to overlook some basic concepts ...

For instance, the MIME code modifies the contents of any user
mailbox, meaning if you forward that mailbox to other systems
then you have 'destroyed' the original data. I mean other
systems will get a nice looking gibberish free email, but
the attached files will only exist on the original system.

This might be great if you don't care to forward MIME, but no !

SO, even if this 'works', I should never have put it where I
did, instead it should be 'moved' to the mail reader portion
of the code. This is actually in the smtp processing - bad.

So please do NOT use this live or in production.

I need to redesign WHERE in the code this should go.

Thanks :)

Maiko / VE4KLM

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