[nos-bbs] Teensy cfg, minicom, paclen, maxframe, persist, frack, etc

maiko at pcsinternet.ca maiko at pcsinternet.ca
Sun Apr 3 10:09:39 EDT 2022

Good morning,

I will be the first to admit I am not an expert in this at all, however
this is how I configured my Teensy (using exact configs from my previous
WinRPR configuration - I initialized my Teensy with minicom, then 
it to KISS mode, then quite minicom and ran my JNOS :

     < ESC key> %B R300                 robust 300
     < ESC key> S0
     < ESC key> I VE4KLM
     < ESC key> S1
     < ESC key> I VE4KLM
     < ESC key> %xr 400                 audio level for my ICOM HF rig
     < ESC key> @K                      put into kiss mode

  * I am not so sure the second 'I VE4KLM' is necessary after doing S1

There are other commands from this manual below (not all supported) :

     The Instruction Manual / Command Description
     for the Tracker/ DSPTNC Firmware Version 1.7

     < ESC key> F XXX

      This above is for FRACK, default is 500

     < ESC key> P XX

      The above is for PERSISTENCE, default is 32

In JNOS you can set paclen and maxframe, for example :

      ax25 paclen 128    (default is 256 I think)

      ax25 maxframe 4    (default is 1)

The JNOS documents also detail ax25 t2, ax25 t3, and ax25 t4 timers, etc 

> But in KISS the software takes over is it not ?

 From my understanding yes, so much of the workload for ax25 itself
is no longer in the firmware of the TNC but in the application, and
I am sure JNOS and others can greatly improve on some of that :)

> In Europ there is a growing community on 30m 10147.30 in RPR.  And
> even 14103.3 on 20mtrs.  RPR has mailbox possibilities in Italy and
> Sweden.

I know, it's amazing to see the maps and things, BUT I just wish I could
hear them or link up with them. Solar conditions in my area anyways are
dismal for the last few years, it's been terrible for any long distance,
and I don't have 1 KW + 11 elements to point at you guys :(

  My dream : a huge log periodic !

Again, I'm not an expert. Hope this helps.

Maiko / VE4KLM

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