[nos-bbs] how to launch JNOS from cron or python

Sky sky at aa6ax.us
Mon Oct 18 17:28:54 EDT 2021

Gosh, I should know this stuff, but I got deep into it and so far no solution, so let me ask if others have soled this problem already.

I want to automatically launch JNOS after a power failure.

At the moment I do this by going to the computer and bringing up Terminal and then launching JNOS in that session and I just leave it open. Works great until the power fails. If I am away or out of town, JNOS won't run again until I notice the failure and fire up the display and keyboard. (I do have an automated cron that notices the failure and emails me, but it can be several hours before I notice, and as I said, I may be out of town.)

So from crontab preferably I would like to launch JNOS and let it run indefinitely. But also I'd like to do it from Python because that's what I'm using as my base for writing additional JNOS support.

I know how to detect whether it is running already and all of that and then try to launch it if not already running, what I can't get is how to launch JNOS without Terminal. Meaning there is no 'environment' for it to run in. If I do that, it launches but immediately just exits. Nothing in syslog that I can find to help me know. I presume I have to have cron launch JNOS with some kind of environment specified, but so far I can't figure that out.

If someone has already solved this, I would prefer to know your solution, not necessarily to debug mine.

I'm not going to put the code here because you will be tempted to try to debug it. Just suffice it to say it does launch the process, gets a PID in return, but that process will exit without actually completing the JNOS launch. And I presume this is because JNOS needs an 'environment' to run in and cannot run by itself.


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