[nos-bbs] Stopped keeping track of new buls

Andrew Pepper anpepper at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 13:34:00 EDT 2021

When I log into JNOS it tells me there are new buls in my message areas, 
but when I change to one of those message areas it now says '0 new'.

I tried index <whatever-area> but that has not fixed.

This was working. I'm now trying to work out what I've changed, or what 
needs to be ran to update the message counts.

See below for example..

login: k1ymi
You have 0 messages.
New mail in: all  hf  humor  space  tcpip  tech
today  wx
Area: k1ymi (#0) >
a all
all: 23 messages  -  0 new.
Area: all (#1) >

Any ideas ?



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