[nos-bbs] DUPES and staggered forwarding

M Langelaar maiko at pcsinternet.ca
Fri Oct 23 18:58:35 EDT 2020


The number in mailbox.usr is actually taken from the numerical msgid
which is taken from the mqueue/sequence.seq file, and that number is
rolled over after 999999999, it's been that way since the linux version.

Dont' confuse BID rollover with the number's rolling over in usr file.

The BID sent out in bulletins is simply a modulus of that huge number,
so when the range of the BID hits 99999, the modulus simply resets the
BID to start over again, the sequence number itself keeps going. You can
see that in the headers of any messages (message-id) after the BID rolls
over, and if you search the code the %100000 is only used twice, fbbfwd.c
and forward.c, has no effect on that msgid (sequence number) at all.

The BASE36 just gives us more 'numbers' for BIDs, nothing else.

Does that make sense ?

 > Changing BID generation from base 10 to Base 36

 >> Does this also apply to the number stored along with the callsign in
 >> <mailbox>.usr? If it does, then I think that will solve (or delay 
until I'm
 >> dead) one of the biggest problems we've had for >1 year (those numbers
 >> rolling over, causing JNOS to think we've already read older messages).


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