[nos-bbs] DUPES and staggered forwarding

M Langelaar maiko at pcsinternet.ca
Fri Oct 23 08:46:36 EDT 2020

Good morning,

I have a fix completed and currently under test. the fix is very easy code,
and it's working amazingly well so far. Multiple and simultaneous forwarding
sessions coming in early this morning (within seconds or even a minute or so
of each other), each having one or more messages containing the same BIDs
as those comingin from other remote systems at the same time, pretty cool !

I know people are hesitant to upgrade, the fix is quite modularized, and can
easily be incorporated into anyone's xNOS code, but I think once my testing
is complete I strongly recommend we start using it (at least that). The 
of dupes this thing catches is quite scary actually.

I was going to throw some samples on here, but it's too much work to blank
out information that may identify life forms, and I'm not into throwing 
ham radio
operators under the bus < that was supposed to be funny, humour required >

I need a few good days of crash free testing on my end, it will go out with
another patch file (just an update of the current one, but 2.0m.5B instead),
check the rsync area in a few days for that one.


Maiko / VE4KLM

On 21/10/2020 9:54 a.m., Langelaar wrote:

> Good morning,
> If I did not know any better, and this is a very recent observation,
> and perhaps a FLAW ? if you have multiple systems (even 2) connecting
> to you, and each is sending a proposal for the same message, same bid,
> and IF they are within seconds of each other, seems they are ALL (both)
> accepted.
> Processing the one does not give enough time to update history file, and
> both are accepted when the proposals come in. I will need to fix that !
> So may I suggest staggered instead of 'aggressive, all remote forwarding
> partners at the same time' as an interim fix, or am I getting it wrong ?
> First time I've seen this directly, and that was my first take on it. I
> personally have never seen this situation on my JNOS setup, never ! But
> I also have minimal number of forwarding partners and they all do their
> thing like 15 minutes apart type of arrangement. Even if it's a fluke,
> most likely it has happened, just didn't notice.
> There is NO way these two sample messages I just saw this morning 
> should BOTH
> have been accepted, one was direct from me, the other from GB7CIP, 
> both messages
> looked absolutely fine to me.
> Maiko

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