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Sky sky at aa6ax.us
Wed Jul 15 14:31:04 EDT 2020

Hey, Bill ——

Maybe helps you or doesn't help you... I run JNOS on both Pi3 and Pi4
currently. I use a USB  "MFJ TNC-X" so that everything can fit in a nice
boxed configuration without hats and pins and extra cords all over the

Compile was 100% easy.

My JNOS appears at on the Pi via the tunnel set up in
autoexec.nos. So I can access any services there that are listening. Is
this what you're asking?

I use home-built Python add-ons to knit my JNOS into other capabilities
like email. I use regular email app (Claws Mail) to send and receive
thru JNOS (like using Outpost PMM, but without the need to run Windows).
There are a few glitches that are getting worked out, but basically this
works really, really smoothly.

My nodes use AREDN mesh via wi-fi for Internet connectivity, and so far
I do not provide any services "on" the mesh.

See https://SFWEM.NET/


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On 7/15/20 9:43 AM, Bill Vodall wrote:
> Is anyone here running JNOS on a RPI (zero)?   
> I expect it should generally be a straight forward compile and go. 
> The question is if the interface (TUN?) works on the RPI allowing IP
> traffic between the RPI network and the JNOS network.
> The AREDN mesh system has developed greatly and JNOS will be a good
> next step bringing more useful services to the system.
> Thanks,
> Bill
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