[nos-bbs] JNOS 2.0 log triggers - easy to patch, even back to 2.0k.3B

Langelaar maiko at pcsinternet.ca
Mon Apr 20 15:27:40 EDT 2020

This is powerful I think, hopefully you guys like this :)

Thanks Charles (N2NOV) for the great idea, really I like this !

   wget "https://www.langelaar.net/jnos2/downloads/main.log_triggers.c" 

   replace your main.c with this new main.log_triggers.c, then run 'make'

Autoexec.nos examples (the sky is the limit actually) :

   # 18Apr2020, Maiko (VE4KLM), NEW log (action) triggers

   log trigger "fwd failed&" "mailmsg ve4klm fwd failed has been noted"
   log trigger "lzhuf&error&" "mailmsg ve4klm lzhuf protocol error ?"
   log trigger "adding mbox|" "sh ./adding.sh"

   log timer 300

Usage example :

  jnos> log
  Usage: log file [ nos.log | daily ] THEN log [ on | off]
         disk logging is ON, logfile type is DDMMMYY (daily)

  prototype (Apr2020) JNOS 2.0 log triggers (not final)

         log trigger "a&b c&" | "a|b c|"
         log timer [seconds]     this is trigger queue timer
  jnos> log timer
  log trigger timer = 163/300

There is NO documentation, this stuff will change, no need to give
suggestions right now, just try it out if this looks useful to you,
you can specify spaces in your trigger patterns. Being it's a prototype,
it's either ALL & (AND) or ALL | (OR), you can't mix right now. obviously
if there is only onestring (then you can use either & or |), have fun
figuring it out.

Now heading out on the road for a bit :)

Maiko / VE4KLM

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