[nos-bbs] relaying denied

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Fri Mar 30 17:39:21 EDT 2018

Oh dear, it would seem that I did not document this at all, it was written
originally because I got tired of not being able to reply to my emails using
email clients outside my JNOS subnet, from this little note in smtpserv.c :

  * 17Sep2008, Maiko (VE4KLM), By default we will deny SMTP relay, however
  * there may be outside subnets that we want to allow for. For example, I
  * use my Thunderbird email client at work to check my JNOS system for new
  * mail. It would be nice if I could reply to those systems outside my JNOS
  * box, but the existing SMTP_DENY_RELAY code prevents that. So, this new
  * code allows me to create an SDR exception list (ip/netmask) to allow.

I will need to make sure it's documented, here it is 'now' (very sorry) :

    #define SMTP_DENY_RELAY
    #define SDR_EXCEPTION

   rm smtpserv.o smtpcli.o version.o ; make

here are a couple of examples to put into autoexec.nos :

  smtp relay add 0xffffffff

  smtp relay add 0xffffff00

IF you have a box outside of your JNOS subnet, and you want to be able
to send mail via JNOS then you need to add entries similar to the above,
for instance from work, I wanted to be able to read and send to my JNOS
using thunderbird, completely different network. The top one obviously
is an entry for a single IP (netmask, the one below is
for any IP on 192.168.100 (old class C I guess) subnet.

Reminds me, years ago I could have sworn the syntax was,
but I find I've had to use hexidecimal instead (maybe I switched to an
incorrect function parsing this, don't remember), 0xffffff00 instead.

On Tue, 27 Mar 2018, Michael Fox - N6MEF wrote:

> I’m getting “relaying denied” when I send to any address in the cc: list.


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