[nos-bbs] ax25 retries count doesn't work

Gus ve3clg at yahoo.ca
Thu May 4 10:24:00 EDT 2017

for all the info.At list I know what I see there.ha ha ha Hope Maiko will fix that. And I thing the jnos ver is use at the ampr.nuge.org is  very old one and that's why works fine on the AX25 setting..
Any way I wont be home  most of the day to day.I have to go to Sarnia for little thing to do.I be back after 4 pmTake care  and many    thanks for all the help and work you doing here .Gus 
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  Maiko, The ax25 retries count doesn't work. Unsuccessful  retransmission attempts on new ax25 connections
 keep going and will stop after +/- 18 minutes. I guess that is after twenty attempts or so (lost count) when I monitored.
 That is way over my setting of 'ax25 retries 3' :-) We tried it in Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04. This is in your latest release.
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