[nos-bbs] Mail bug

Brian n1uro at n1uro.ampr.org
Thu Jun 29 18:18:26 EDT 2017

A condition exists in PBBS mail forwarding where an argument isn't being
passed causing the BID of the incoming mail to be (null). One of two
things is happening at the incoming JNOS:
1) it may crash it
2) the receiving host may substitute the BID with the numeric from the
mail session.

A log entry may show:
16:20:19  I0OJJ-8 on port italy - MBOX (i0ojj) open
16:20:25  I0OJJ-8 on port italy - MBOX (i0ojj) incoming proposal sP wp @
i0ojj < ik6zde
16:20:27  I0OJJ-8 on port italy - MBOX (i0ojj) msg (null) queued

You'll notice the (null) where the BID should be.

From Maiko:
BUG confirmed, (insert colorful metaphore here)! I forgot to pass an
argument, it's expecting 2 arguments, and I only passed it once.
Surprised it is not crashing left right and center when it hits the log
entry. Will fix it when I get home type of thing.

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