[nos-bbs] KISS TNC?

Mark Phillips g7ltt at g7ltt.com
Thu Jun 29 10:39:24 EDT 2017

Been using this with some success both on PC and on Pi ...


As for GPS/KISS/etc? Not sure what they mean. I've used my KPC3 and 3+ with
a USB<>Serial adapter for the longest time with success. However, IIRC the
KPC3/3+ was able to have a GPS added to the serial port in addition to the
computer it was attached to. Obviously this will not be doable with pure
USB. Also, modes that would require the use of the handshake lines may not
function as intended and firmwares that would create a network of sorts
(BPQKISS etc) would no longer work.

But, now that you have USB why would you need to have a BPQKISS type serial
network? With enough USB hubs and an infinite number of monkeys you could
have all the radio ports you want and then some.


On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 1:52 AM, Michael Fox - N6MEF <n6mef at mefox.org>

> What make/model TNCs are you guys using with JNOS?
> We’ve been using kantronics KPC-3+ for many years.  But starting in
> January 2017 they changed to include an FTDI usb-to-serial adapter.  So a
> USB port replaces the serial port.  OK, no big deal.
> BUT … the errata sheet that comes with the TNC says that “The options for
> GPS, KISS, XKISS, MODEM, and NET will not be useable, or may have limited
> functionality.”  Not very encouraging.  I’ve asked Kantronics for an
> explanation.  but I figure it’s time to look elsewhere.  Hence my question
> above.
> Michael
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