[nos-bbs] Mail bug

Gustavo Ponza g.ponza at tin.it
Sun Jul 9 03:14:55 EDT 2017

Hi Maiko,

for information to you and Brian just download, compile
and operate the exact copy used by N1URO and the
results are exactly the same as the resinced JNOS2

05:13:35  N1URO-7 @ N1URO-7 - MBOX (n1uro) connected
05:13:35  N1URO-7 @ N1URO-7 - MBOX (n1uro) reverse forwarding mail
05:13:35  N1URO-7 @ N1URO-7 - MBOX (n1uro) proposal SP N1URO < I0OJJ
05:13:37  N1URO-7 @ N1URO-7 - MBOX (n1uro) sent $15369_I0OJJ
05:13:37  N1URO @ N1URO-7 - MBOX (n1uro) open
05:13:38  N1URO @ N1URO-7 - MBOX (n1uro) forwarding
05:13:38  - only if we get FF send FQ
05:13:38  N1URO @ N1URO-7 - MBOX (n1uro) exit
05:13:39  N1URO-7 @ N1URO-7 - MBOX (n1uro) fwd exit

forwarding is dispatched in plain text and not in compressed
mode, then, the above problem arise ONLY when using the
'ax25' or the 'netrom' commands into the JNOS2 forwarding.


netrom n1uro-7
ax25 uro n1uro-7

The forwarding is OK on telnet mode.
Perhaps it's important the fact that I use the following setup:

#undef    JNOS_DEFAULT_NOIAC  /* preserve original JNOS default, leave 
it ! */

73, gus

On 07/08/2017 10:52 PM, Maiko Langelaar wrote:
> Actually, it's not that 'simple' after looking at it twice.
> It would seem the (null) in the log entry is indeed the BID (in other
> words it is null at the time it gets logged. It doesn't cause the BID
> of the incoming mail to be (null), it just happens to be (null).
> The piece of code is in mboxmail.c, the line is :
>   /* 02Apr2016, Maiko (VE4KLM), try to log the non-fbb forwards better */
>     logmbox (m->user, m->name, "msg %s queued %s", m->tomsgid);
> The fix is easy, just remove the second '%s' in the format string.
> But that still leaves a NULL tomsgid, which I will now have to figure
> out why. for FBB type forwarding the above logs what it should, ie :
>   01:03:23 - MBOX (ve2har) msg 8616_db0zav queued
> But for non FBB it is (null), sigh ....
> Oops, and I just realized this is going to NOS-BBS list (oh well)
> Maiko
> On Thu, 29 Jun 2017, Brian wrote:
>> A condition exists in PBBS mail forwarding where an argument isn't being
>> passed causing the BID of the incoming mail to be (null). One of two
>> things is happening at the incoming JNOS:
>> 1) it may crash it
>> 2) the receiving host may substitute the BID with the numeric from the
>> mail session.
>> A log entry may show:
>> 16:20:19  I0OJJ-8 on port italy - MBOX (i0ojj) open
>> 16:20:25  I0OJJ-8 on port italy - MBOX (i0ojj) incoming proposal sP wp @
>> i0ojj < ik6zde
>> 16:20:27  I0OJJ-8 on port italy - MBOX (i0ojj) msg (null) queued
>> jnos.n1uro.ampr.org
>> You'll notice the (null) where the BID should be.
>> From Maiko:
>> BUG confirmed, (insert colorful metaphore here)! I forgot to pass an
>> argument, it's expecting 2 arguments, and I only passed it once.
>> Surprised it is not crashing left right and center when it hits the log
>> entry. Will fix it when I get home type of thing.
>> Maiko

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