[nos-bbs] Problem Using Thunderbird Client With JNOS

Charles J. Hargrove n2nov at n2nov.net
Sun Jan 1 15:32:08 EST 2017

In trying to set up Thunderbird to be used to access my JNOS on custom ports
of 1100 (POP3) and 25 (SMTP), I get the following message pop-up:

"The POP3 mail server (n2nov.ampr.org) does not support UIDL or XTND XLST,
which are required to implement the ``Leave on Server'', ``Maximum Message
Size'' or ``Fetch Headers Only'' options. To download your mail, turn off
these options in the Server Settings for your mail server in the Account
Settings window."

Since JNOS does not support IMAP, I was setting it up to POP3 and to leave
messages on the server until I manually deleted them in Thunderbird.

Charles J. Hargrove - N2NOV
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