[nos-bbs] jnos v. 2.0j.7v not receiving winlink emails

Peter McCorison peter at mccorison.com
Mon May 2 14:26:53 EDT 2016

A little rushed over the weekend. Today rebuilt JNOS with the ;FW line 
simply containing  a newline: as ';FW:\n'. I was able to receive 
messages from the CMS with this setup.

I tested again using a different callsign in the ;FW stanza, one which I 
know had pending messages, and was unable to download messages.

So it appears that the only change required is to remove the VE4KLM 
callsign from the ;FW: stanza.

  - Peter

On 05/01/2016 11:19 AM, Peter McCorison wrote:
> Maiko -
> I realize I wasn't too clear here. The issue relates to receiving
> messages from winlink to JNOS. There was no problem with uploading mail
> from JNOS to winlink. I kind of read the ;FW line as saying to winlink
> "please forward pending messages for this callsign."
>   - Peter K2SPR
> On 05/01/2016 11:15 AM, Peter McCorison wrote:
>> Maiko -
>> Well, it turns out that in the over-the air exchange forwarding to wl2k,
>> the ;FW: <callsign> line seems to be required, and the call sign seems
>> to have to be winlinkcall. I tested with a different callsign which I
>> know had tfc and did not receive any messages.
>> My coding skills are too rusty for me to mess with your code, and I
>> don't know how to make a patch, but what's needed seems to me to be
>> pretty trivial. See forward.c about line 1748.
>> Thanks for all your hard work on JNOS - it's becoming a great
>> general-purpose tool.
>>   - Peter K2SPR
>> On 04/28/2016 06:49 PM, Maiko Langelaar wrote:
>>> Hi Peter,
>>>> So far I haven't received any messages.
>>> If you are referring to email messages coming from internet side and
>>> being put on the winlink cms server waiting for pickup via your JNOS ?
>>> Are you prepending '//WL2K' at the start of your subject, ie :
>>>     Subject : //WL2K this is a test mail
>>> Mind you, winlink would bounce internet side ? (I forgot if it does).
>>> Maiko
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