[nos-bbs] RESENDING Re: Sending mail to regular addresses via Winlink

Michael Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Sat Jun 25 18:47:56 EDT 2016

That would be a fair assumption if you were using the Winlink service as designed - that is, ham initiating a connection directly from a client to the RMS.  Although if push comes to shove, I think you'll find that "I didn't follow the rules because I expected the other guy to do it for me" will not work well as an excuse with the FCC.  But regardless, as designed, Winlink does not block 3rd party inbound traffic.  After all, that's pretty much why they exist in the first place.

But you're not using the Winlink service as designed.  You're inserting an extra hop over Part 97 frequencies which is under automatic control.  And automatic forwarding of 3rd party message is not allowed.  At least that's my understanding of Part 97 as confirmed with the FCC back in 2010.  But again, maybe they have changed their mind.  And it's your license, not mine.  Best of luck.


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> Since any email received from the internet by our stations comes in thru
> Winlink, I am relying on Winlink's strict controls to block undesired
> traffic. I hope and believe that those controls are sufficient to
> eliminate any problems.
>   - Peter K2SPR

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