[nos-bbs] Latest JNOS 2.0 Linux

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Tue Jun 21 21:09:19 EDT 2016

> There are no instructions that I know of.

There is a reason why I have a 'release history', I know it's not
the greatest piece of documentation, but if you had looked at it,
under ' differences between 2.0j.7u and 2.0j.7t - December 8, 2015',
you probably could have saved yourself a few days of looking at the
code :)

> It would be great if somebody with more time and sticktoitiveness
> would document this stuff.

If you're offering to volunteer, then go for it, I'll include i
on the official page. I would love to work on the documentation,
but I have a very busy life, so I do what I can. To give people
an idea, I have spent hours trying to get 2.0k.rc ready, it's
almost ready to be put into RSYNC, but just updating the release
notes itself has taken me days (off and on). So you can imagine
how long it would take me to even consider official documentation

> However you still can't send QTC via Winlink to a regular internet email 
> address, at least not with the version of a couple of weeks ago.

What is QTC ? and what do you mean you can send to a regular internet 
email ? Can you give a more specific example, some detail ?

Maiko VE4KLM

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