[nos-bbs] Convers link IP

Jack Eifer jeifer at cwo.com
Thu Jul 14 14:45:05 EDT 2016

Thank you all (Brett, Gus, Ron, and Ken) for replying.

I've tried your recommendations, but the problem still persists. The bogus IP doesn't seem to be active or doing any obvious harm.  At best, it's more annoying and curious. I have firewalls and various port and IP screening programs operating that have not caught any issues associated with the questionable IP. TCPDUMP does not show the IP passing through JNOS, tunnels or Ethernet ports. The problem seems to be isolated within JNOS. Ron (ve1jot) has seen this before in previous versions of Jnos. 

Ron, is this behavior still occurring? If so, in what version? 

Perhaps Maiko, has some idea where the Jnos code is looking for the convers link IP when the link drops, or tries to re-establish a link address (excluding the convers filter list).

73 Jack AA6HF

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