[nos-bbs] before you compile 2.0k_rc - a note about IAC

Michael Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Sun Jul 3 17:12:55 EDT 2016

Ah.  Thanks for the clarification!


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> Just a clarification, incase the release notes are a bit confusing
> with regard to the IAC stuff. I'll try and rewrite them later on.
> For those of you who have existing JNOS source and systems, you
> need to make sure you include the following in your config.h :
>     #define JNOS_DEFAULT_NOIAC
> then do a 'make clean', followed by a 'make'. If you don't, then your
> telnet forwarding will likely break with your existing configurations,
> so do yourself a big favour and make sure of this.
> In my release notes, I have noted that the default behavior has been
> preserved, but technically I guess it has not. It is preserved, providing
> you place the above #define in your config.h file. From my perspective,
> the #define is permanent (not meant to be removed), so in that sense it
> is preserving the default behavior.
> The only reason I included the #define in the first place was to give a
> few people (Gus :) some flexibility, everyone wins - including me :)
> Maiko
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