[nos-bbs] help with jnos on xubutu routes

Chris Curtis kb0wlf at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 16:42:47 EST 2016

Sorry for the newbie question:

I have an xubuntu box running jnos2 using the installer rather than a roll
your own.
Everything works as expected/listed in the installer notes.

I would like to 'enable' or 'setup' routing so that I can telnet directly
from jnos to another pc on the lan or out to the internet.
Conversely, I'd also like to be able to telnet directly into jnos from
outside the xubuntu box.

As of now, I can connect to jnos over the radio.  From jnos I can telnet
into the xubuntu box and then telnet out from there to anywhere.
Also, vice versa.

I just want to eliminate the middle man so to speak but absolutely do NOT
understand linux enough to do so.
Routes, iptables, etc etc.  I'm just to ignorant.

I have no 44 ip.  Not really wanting to 'join'.
Lan is 10.0.0.x
Router/gateway/dns is
Xubuntu is
Jnos is

I have several flavors of linux running here doing all kinds of things but
sadly I'm more of an appliance operator when it comes to linux.

I can navigate the command line fine and take direction well.

Thanks for your time!


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