[nos-bbs] 2.0k hangs

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Tue Aug 9 12:41:17 EDT 2016

Interesting ...

My JNOS has not hung for years, but then again I don't do the crazy
things some of you other guys and gals do (humour intended ha ha ha),
is it that bad you have to move back to 2.0j.7v ? Anyways ...

But seriously, maybe try to run an strace on a hung process and see
where it's looping or whatever. Another option is to interrupt your
gdb (ctrl C) if you have one running on the process, note where it
stops, then continue it again (by entering 'cont'), do this a few
times and see if you can figure out where it's looping or whatever.

The SIGTERM actually does have a handler, but I've seen that it does
not work 100 percent (whatever that means). I'm aware of it, I just
have not bothered to look at it yet.

NOTE : I am away for another week, so won't be answering emails. In
        case anyone cares, I was also gone all of last week in the middle
        of the wilderness, no internet, no cellular, just nature. That's
        why I have not answered my emails in a timely manner lately.


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