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Adam De Lay w8dev at icloud.com
Mon Mar 2 16:16:16 EST 2015

I recently got JNOS2.0j installed on my Raspberry Pi B+ with a TNC-Pi.  I've been getting things figured out and I'm struggling to figure out how to leave messages for other users on my BBS.  I've tried leaving a message for myself using "s w8dev" and I get a message stating "message queued".  I understand that JNOS uses areas, so I tried "s w8dev at w8dev" and I got the same "message queued" message.  I've heard from several users that they're unable to leave messages for me.  I've looked through dozens of pages trying to figure out why.  I've seen other people that have had the same problem, but no answer.  Some say you need to setup a rewrite file, so I tried that with no luck.  Some say that you need to make sure that SMTP is started, and it is.  

My autoexec.nos was generated using the JNOS config from http://ares-mi.org/downloads/Packet/Configure_Personal_JNOS/html/index.html.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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