[nos-bbs] status of MID/BID comparison

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Thu Feb 12 13:44:15 EST 2015

> Perhaps he can convince the BPQ developer to no use
> case sensitive comparisons

One BPQ operator will try and convince the developer based on third party
information from a very limited group of people to not use case sensitive
comparisons. How well versed is the BPQ operator on this material ? It's
not a shot against the operator, but I don't think we should rush this.

> (or perhaps make it a configurable option so sysops can
> turn it off if they're having problems).

And that would just contribute to the overall problem.

I don't want to rush into approaching the developer of BPQ until this
is better looked at, better understood, and maybe more complaints start
to surface about it. And now that the FBB stuff looks like it too is
possibly case sensitive (based on a quick check of the code), it could
complicate any arguments made for or against.

Sorry, I'm just not comfortable doing this right now.

PS: I'm not telling anyone what to do or what not to do, I'm not
     anyone's boss, just saying what I'm thinking, sigh ...


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